Top-10 Odessa Attractions

Odessa is a city with a unique atmosphere, with romance, creativity, and all kinds of beauty in the air, that’s why this magnificent place is famous far beyond the borders of our country. Every year, more and more tourists visit Odessa. They are eager to rest at its wonderful beaches, to experience its special local spirit, and to explore architectural, historical, and natural wonders thanks to which the city competes with famous European capitals. Odessa’s attractions live forever in classic books and masterpieces of great musicians. This southern city is popular all over the world.

There are over 140 nationalities living in Odessa and each of them contributed to the culture and history of this city creating unique attractions. Odessites are very proud of their history and famous heroes which you may get to know going on any sightseeing tour or just talking with local people.

Even a whole month won’t be enough to see all Odessa sights as they are so numerous here!  That’s why we have picked up the top 10 attractions where you should go by all means while visiting this “Pearl at the Sea”, as the song goes.

The starting point is the Privoz Market

The first proof is that everyone in Odessa lives well. None will leave Privoz with one small bag and none will get out of here being hungry. So please, relax and enjoy!

A scent of the sea and a moon over Lanzheron…

Lanzheron is something else. So many people used to come here in search of spiritual food. This place is more than just a way much more than just the city beach and the former holiday home of the Earl of Lanzheron.

Set a pause: this is City Garden

The street Lanzheronovskaya was named after the aforementioned earl. And this street will take you to the very heart of Odessa  – to the City Garden. Like 200 years ago this park attracts magically people from all over the world.

Romantic and stillness: approach Vorontsov Palace

If you wish to run away from urban noise without going far from the center then you should visit Vorontsov Palace and Colonnade standing nearby. All the conversation sheer out in here and even a slight whisper echoes in old marble.

Pretending to be a local: a stroll along the Primorsky Boulevard

If you go around Vorontsov Palace and the Colonnade you will get to Primorsky Boulevard. It’s a place where you can make 5 or even 10 circles around having nice conversations and enjoying the view.

Many things in one spot: going to Arcadia

If you still haven’t found a pleasant companion for nice walks you can try to find them in lively Arcadia. It’s a place of numerous cafes, attractions, a water park, a walking alley, dozens of clubs, and most importantly people of all ages and nationalities.

Going underground. Catacombs are waiting

It’s too easy to walk on a surface. The other thing is underground. Odessa Catacombs offers a real adventure. There are just a few excursions of such kind left in the whole world, but Odessa has them.

All the ways lead … to Deribasovskaya

-How do I get to Deribasovskaya Street?

-You are already there.

This joke points out that it’s hard not to get to Odessa’s main street when you are moving between its tourist attractions.

Counting steps climbing Potemkin Stairs

It is hard not to notice the main staircase of the city – Potemkin. Its beauty was noted by such well-known writers as Alexander Green, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, and many others. It is also a very good test for your physical training…

To see something you will remember for life: Odessa Opera House

Just between Deribasovskaya Street and Potemkinskaya stairs there is the Odessa Opera House. The architecture of the building is admired all over the world. If Odessa is called a pearl by the sea then this Opera House can be called a pearl of Odessa.

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