Top 10 romantic cafes and restaurants in Odesa

If Odesa is a small Paris, then, believe me, the romance here will be enough for everyone and everywhere. Odessa is famous not only for its architecture, people, and humor but also for a huge number of romantic places.

We have selected TOP-10 Odessa cafes and restaurants for you, which can surprise their visitor not only with delicious cuisine and interesting interior but also with the opportunity to retire and spend an evening in a romantic setting.

Gallo cafe

Cozy Gallo cafe hid in the shadow of trees at the intersection of Troitskaya and Pushkinskaya streets. In addition to the excellent menu and a pleasant interior, you can try a chance to retire on a beautiful balcony, which is part of the institution and allows you to look at passers-by for a while, but “from high” in the literal sense of the word.

Whiskey Bar “Bootlegger”

Similar sensations arise in the cafe Bootlegger, which is hiding on the Military slope. Not only do tourists know this place, but local people are far from everyone, and this gives clear advantages to those who want to retire from the bustle of the city in a separate room with a cozy interior and the best choice of whiskey in the city.


Bernardazzi restaurant will surprise you with the best wine list. It is located in the courtyard of the Odesa Philharmonic and in combination in the building of the monument of architecture of the 19th century. Romantic evenings are created here not only through the atmosphere and the ancient interior but also musical evenings with the piano.

Olio pizza

Fans of Italian passions waited for the Olio pizza restaurant chain. The atmosphere of the place contributes to an easy and pleasant pastime with the opportunity to taste the traditional dishes of Italian cuisine.

Cafe Kompot

Another network of cafes with a relaxed and creative atmosphere – Cafe Kompot. The good location – near the railway station and on Deribasovskaya street – puts this place among the first in the list of all the establishments in Odessa. Moreover, the kitchen here is homemade, and quite the same as in Odesa.

Coffee Shop Zheto

Approaching Mayakovsky Street, be sure to take a look at Zheto. This tiny-looking establishment will forever remain in your memory as the sweetest coffee shop in Odessa. The richness of the interior with a lot of antique elements may inspire you and your soul mate to new achievements.

Restaurant Jardin

Go a little further Zheto, and you will find yourself next to the restaurant Jardin, which is famous for its seafood dishes. Look for Jardin right in the City Garden. Our tip: go for the flavors of French-Italian cuisine with Odessa notes.

Restaurant Akvarel

If you are far from the center, but closer to Arcadia, take a look at Sunny Street. There is a restaurant complex of the European type Aquarelle. This place attracts with its exquisite cuisine, live music, and the opportunity to retire in beautiful tents with lockable curtains.

R1 Restaurant

But if you are full of urban romance, you should pay attention to places that are located right on the coast. Going to Langeron Beach, turn your attention to the R1 Restaurant and its adjacent P1 Prosecco Bar. Romantic dinner overlooking the sea with a pleasant musical accompaniment – you will remember such an evening for a long time.

Santorini Cafe

Another equally romantic institution right on the seafront is Santorini’s Cafe. You can get into it from the Health Track at any time of the year. A definite plus of the place is a huge open area, built right above the sea, and the opportunity to look at the waves, wrapped in a blanket with your loved one.

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