What a tourist should buy: gifts and souvenirs from Odesa

What to bring from Odessa in memory of this beautiful city with a unique atmosphere and people? What unusual and original souvenirs or gifts will keep a good memory of Odessa and will please you and your loved ones?

Odessa is a colorful and multifaceted city, which has a lot of characteristic features that are unique to this place. Therefore, the choice of goods that will remind you of a wonderful vacation and unforgettable impressions, you have a huge.


Odessa is a resort, so the most popular here are all kinds of souvenirs, which in the tourist period snap like hotcakes.

Bright and time-tested souvenirs from Odessa as a port city will be a vest and a captain’s cap. Sea caps and T-shirts will look organically both on “seasoned sailors” and on young “sailors”.

Souvenirs dedicated to sunny Odessa, countless numbers. This amazing beauty of seashells, starfish, and other inhabitants of the world of the seas, is a variety of jewelry and costume jewelry associated with sea pearls and the beauty of the underwater kingdom. What does not come up with local craftsmen, than just do not please us! A huge number of souvenirs are handcrafted directly from seashells collected on the Black Sea coast.

On the shelves are sold paintings, small ceramic or clay figurines, artfully painted dishes and decorative souvenirs, boats in bottles, as well as necessarily magnets with Odessa’s attractions, toys, key chains, etc. – they all differ in variety, originality, humorous deviation, but they are also elements of art. The most popular souvenirs from Odessa from year to year are magnets with Duke and Potemkin Stairs.

If you want to save, then there is a cheap and proven solution: to collect on the shore seashells with pebbles, which will successfully fit into your home interior. You can take a little bit of the Odessa Sea with you in the bottle 🙂

If you love this city with all your heart and want to convey your feelings to your relatives, then you will find a lot of souvenirs with the recognizable logo of Odessa, a new symbol of love for Odessa.

An excellent gift for yourself and your loved ones from Odessa as a city with humor will be a collection of anecdotes, a collection of words and phrases of the Odessa language. Alternatively, you can buy a T-shirt or a cup with a fun phrase or picture. Surely you will meet an artist somewhere, who will agree to draw your caricature. And if you want to joke on friends, bring them “pure Odessa air” 🙂 How? You will not believe it, but even this is sold in Odessa, in original comic canned food!

Odesa is a large city in Ukraine, a part of a beautiful country with its traditions, culture, and people. Patriots of Ukraine and everyone who loves and respects our country and Ukrainians will certainly find on the shelves of the city a variety of souvenirs on patriotic themes. Therefore, as a souvenir from Odessa, also brought vyshyvanki, flags, elements of paraphernalia, and national clothes.

Сувенирная лавка в Одессе

Souvenir shop in Odessa © Odessa.Travel

You can buy souvenirs in Odessa almost at any store, but if you want to find something really original and colorful, go to the famous Cathedral Square, where most of the souvenir merchants are, and almost all the souvenirs are made by hand.

Food and drink

In addition to souvenirs, alcoholic beverages from local factories are traditionally brought from Odessa – this is always a good present at the festive tables. The most popular is the excellent cognac “Shustov” and “Shabo”, because they have a rich bouquet of flavors and this cognac is prepared in full accordance with classical technology. Also, Odessa and the region produce excellent wine, which was repeatedly awarded worldwide premiums for quality. Wine produced by the brands “Shabo” and “French Boulevard” are especially popular, because they are inexpensive, and they have a rich and balanced flavor. Buy wine, champagne, and cognac from these Odessa producers can be in supermarkets and in branded stores that are located in the city center.

All sweet tooths will really like confectionery products produced by the Odessa confectionery factory “Lux”, they are surely brought to their cities by numerous tourists. In the range of confectionery brand cakes, a wide variety of sweets and cookies, and even an amazing treat, which can be found only in Odessa, is fat in chocolate.

If you prefer a gastronomic gift for yourself and your relatives, then one of the options may be Odessa fish. You can buy canned steers in tomato and can be bought on Privoz delicious smoked herring or smoked mackerel for beer.

Be sure to go to Privoz and buy yourself and your family something tasty. Maybe Brynzochki, salsa or cheese, or maybe smoked sausages? The fish on Privoz is especially tasty, and do not forget about seafood – go to the Fishline to Aunt Sonya. Well-transported and perfectly chewed Odessa drying bagels. Tasty and healthy.

Рыбный ряд на Привозе

Fish on Privoz ©

In Odessa, there are many shops and shops offering delicacies and alcohol in souvenir packages. Coffee, chocolate, sweets and biscuits, nuts and dried fruits, meat and dairy products, Ukrainian and overseas products. The gastronomic choice in Odessa is extremely wide, it all depends on your imagination and preferences.


Also recently it has become very fashionable to bring clothes, footwear, and accessories from the well-known world or Ukrainian brands from Odesa, which can be bought in shopping centers and hypermarkets in all parts of the city. And in order to buy cheap leather or fur products cheaply, you do not need to fly to Turkey, now you can bring it all from Odessa, having visited the wholesale market “7 km”.

Do you want to choose a gift as a sign of love for people close to you? And maybe make a gift to your beloved? You can buy jewelry, jewelry and jewelry, bags, watches, cosmetics, perfume and much more. These goods are a huge choice in the numerous branded shops and shopping centers of the city.


The most memorable, what remains in the memory for many years is impressions. So please yourself or your loved ones so that it will be remembered for life. As a cultural holiday take an excursion or go explore the sights of the city. It can be a performance, a concert, a museum exhibition, an art galleries, or a walk through the streets of the city – all this will not leave you indifferent and will stay in your memory for a long period. Do not forget to take pictures.

Where to buy souvenirs and gifts from Odessa?

First of all, pay attention to Sobornaya Square, where a whole quarter of shops with souvenirs, and near the fountain the surroundings around paintings by local artists.

Necessarily there is something on Deribasovskaya, Ekaterininskaya, Primorsky Boulevard, and other central streets of the city with many shops and boutiques. In the Passage, in the Greek Square, near the main attractions, you will surely get something interesting on your eyes.

If you prefer shopping, then go to shopping centers and branded shops, which are many, and where there is a fairly wide range of various products at different prices.

Of course, this is the market of Privoz – there are also hypermarkets and the same shopping pavilions nearby. Therefore, Privoz is the place where you can, as they say in Odessa, “make a bazaar”.

There is always someone who offers wonderful souvenirs near the beaches and other places crowded by tourists.

The main thing is that the souvenir chosen by you always happy you and your loved ones, and also reminds of warm impressions and about the beautiful “city by the sea”.

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